Saturday Worship Services:
5:00 PM In- person Worship service
5:00 PM Live- streamed

Sunday Worship Services:
8:15 AM In-person Worship service
10:30 AM In-person Worship service


St LUKE SPARK for kids


Ages 5 – 12

Sunday 9:15 – 10:15 AM, in the Youth Room
(across from Fellowship Hall)
Games, crafts, and conversation, we gather “family style” helping each other to pray, read the Bible, and explore ways to activate our faith in everyday life throughout the week. We discover and re-discover God speaking to us afresh!



For more information, contact Holly Trujillo at CY& or Pastor Christa at

St Luke Spark Christmas Rap

St Luke Spark Thanksgiving

Enjoying a bowl of Jacob's Lentil soup, which we helped make, after our lesson on Isaac's Blessing (Genesis 25:34; 27:1-40)

Noah’s arc animals competition

Creating their own creature

Abram’s call: we are blessed to be a blessing.