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Pipe Organ

Casavant Frères is the oldest continuing name in North American organ building. The company was established by Claver and Samuel Casavant (both sons of Canadian organ builder Joseph Casavant) in Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada) in 1879.

The organ at St. Luke, Albuquerque, is a sizeable two manual instrument well suited to the musical needs of a classic Lutheran liturgical tradition. While the instrument exceeds expectations when used for hymn singing, its specification includes many colorful stops for performance of a host of repertoire from early music to compositions of the present day. Opus 3776 also bears the distinction of being New Mexico’s only church organ tuned in Kellner/Bach temperament.

In 2008, Composer Frederick Frahm, also organist and Director of Music Ministry at St. Luke, composed two sets of organ works specifically for performance on this instrument: Three Voluntaries (in the manner of the Pièces en Style Libre of Louis Vierne), and Three Chapels (which were inspired by local holy sites in Northern New Mexico). Both sets were premiered in recitals at St. Luke, subsequently published by Zimbel Press of NY, and since then have been performed regularly in the US and Europe.

Opus 3776 was installed in the nave in 1999, replacing an Allen organ which had served the parish with distinction for many years. The organ is frequently heard in recital, and is used every Sunday morning at the main parish liturgy.

Pipe organ recordings are available here.


Opus 3776, completed in 1999

St. Luke Lutheran Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico



  • Principal 8
  • Chimney Flute 8
  • Octave 4
  • Spindle Flute 4
  • Sesquialtera II (TC)
  • Flute 2
  • Mixture IV‐VI
  • Trumpet 8


  • Bourdon 8
  • Viole da Gambe 8
  • Voix Celeste 8 (TC)
  • Conical Flute 4
  • Octave 2
  • Quint Flute 1 ⅓
  • Mixture III
  • Oboe 8
  • Bassoon 16 (ext. of Oboe 8)
  • Tremulant


  • Subbass 16
  • Octave‐bass 8
  • Bourdon 8 (ext. Subbass)
  • Octave 4
  • Bassoon 16 (SW)
  • Trumpet 8 (GT)
  • Oboe 8 (SW)
  • Klarine 4 (SW Oboe)