Saturday Worship Services:
5:00 PM In- person Worship service
5:00 PM Live- streamed

Sunday Worship Services:
8:15 AM In-person Worship service
10:30 AM In-person Worship service


– May 20, 2021

As we continue to watch changes in health recommendations by the CDC, the NMDOH, OSHA and local COVID data, the St. Luke Council in consultation with the Worship, Music and Arts committee discussed and agreed upon the following guidelines.

These guidelines are designed to make in-person indoor and outdoor worship activities as safe and as inviting as possible – as more people receive the vaccination and as an increasing number of our community become immune to the virus.

  1. People who are fully vaccinated can go without masks, while those who are not fully vaccinated are asked
    to wear masks and practice social distancing.
  2. If people want to wear a mask or keep some physical distance between themselves and others at any
    service, for any reason, they may do so with the church’s full blessing.
  3. St.Luke members will rely on an honor system regarding those who have or have not been vaccinated.
  4. Seating arrangements should be such that it is possible for people or families to socially distance from
    others if that is what they prefer.
  5. Special cleaning is only required between Sunday 8:15 AM and 10:30 AM service if chairs and furnishings
    are shared (e.g., chairs, portable altar).
  6. St. Luke will continue to use the individual pre-packaged communion sets through at least August 15th

(when the summer schedule concludes) and consider continuing to offer this option when we return to pre-
pandemic communion procedures.


  1. We will continue no contact “sharing of the peace” as we are presently practicing.
  2. Hymnals will be placed back in the pews timed with our return to the main sanctuary to worship.
  3. There will be no water in the baptismal font except for baptisms.
  4. Will no longer record the names of people who attend worship.
  5. Will not be required to wear masks and gloves (if fully vaccinated) unless they choose to do so.
    Further Points of Consideration:
  6. Whether and when it is okay to sing masked or unmasked – The council voted to begin singing at the Sunday
    outdoor 8:15 AM service, June 13th and refrain from singing in the indoor services throughout the summer.
  7. Whether ushers and other worship assistants should be required to continue to wear gloves and masks – The council
    voted that gloves and masks not be required.
  8. When to implement these changes? Effective immediately, except as noted.
    In Christ,
    The St. Luke Council & Pastors