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Women of the ELCA(WELCA)

Please note, during the COVID pandemic, many of these activities and programs are being held
via ZOOM OR are on temporary hiatus… please check our most current GPS and Horizon
newsletter for up to date information.

Women of the ELCA (WELCA)  provides fellowship at meetings for all women through a board (plans activities), Bible Study (from national Gather magazine), Lamplighters (study of various books), Sew and Sow (sewing and quilting), and Handicrafts group (knitting and crocheting). Several general meetings are held each year, including a Spring Tea and an Advent program.

We will not meet through the summer. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 9 (2nd Thurs.), at 2 PM. We will continue our discussion of “Paul, Apostle to All the Nations,” by Stephen J. Binz, chapters 19-24. Shirley Smith will be the leader.
For more information call Gayle Carleton at 505-559-3012 or at



We will not be meeting in June and July. We will resume our Bible study in August, hopefully, in person. To receive information on our next Bible study session, please contact Bev Berardinelli at

Whom will YOU invite to “power up” with you at St. Luke GATHER BIBLE
STUDY* Fall 2021: Powered by wind and breath

A Bible Study written by the Rev. Sara Olson-Smith


Powered by wind and breath: Our lives are energized by the Holy Spirit!
Celtic Christians likened the Holy Spirit not to a dove, but to a goose. In these three sessions of the fall Gather Bible study, the Rev. Sara Olson-Smith, associate pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa, will lead us on our own divine Wild Goose chase. We’ll track the Holy Spirit’s actions throughout the Bible and throughout our lives. We’ll explore how the Spirit moves God’s people into adventures and lives we would never dare risk on our own.

Session 1: Holy Spirit: Revealer and resource
The Holy Spirit might be the most misunderstood or mysterious member of the Trinity, but the Spirit of scripture is not shy. Together we’ll uncover the bold, truth telling Spirit active in our lives. After a quick review of the mystery of the Trinity,
we’ll read parts of Jesus’ farewell discourse, and hear how the Spirit continues to reveal the truth of Jesus to us and to the world. We’ll discuss how the gift of the Holy Spirit is a resource for God’s people, giving us power we need to do God’s work.

Session 2: Holy Spirit, breath of God: Reviver and reconciler
The Holy Spirit is the breath of God, giving life and building community. Beginning with the breath God gave that first human, continuing with the breath that made dry bones dance, 

God’s Spirit continues to revive us. We will see the ways that the Spirit gives life not just to us as individuals, but to our communities, reconciling us and forming us into life-giving communities, even in our diversity.


Session 3: Holy Spirit, wind of God: Refiner and Re-router

The Holy Spirit is the wind of God, moving us into deeper faithfulness and more authentic love. We’ll see the ways in which God’s Spirit moves us to bear good fruit in the world and refines us into our truest selves. We will also follow the Spirit’s movements through the early church to see how the Spirit re-routes God’s people, guiding us into transformed lives and renewed communities of faith.

by Sarah Carson,                                                                                   Managing Editor of Gather Magazine

*(starts in September – watch for details about time & place; Contact Bev. Berardinelli or St. Luke Church Office for more information or to offer your help)